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Jim Jackson works the night shift at The Very Big Array, a radio telescope installation in the New Mexico desert. Whilst running a routine visual check on a solar flare, Jackson stumbles into an unexpected situation only he can handle… because he has no other choice.


The Very Big Problem is my ‘mini’ return to narrative filmmaking following an absence of about 3 years of doing everything but. I’ve got a number of short films planned for production this year and the next and I decided to start with something essentially quick and simple. Oh, but filmmaking is never really quick and simple these days. This short was inspired by a video I saw on the internet in early 2012. I even blogged about it here… and made note that I knew a short film idea would come from this. I love sci-fi and I love doing comedy too and the two just marry themselves so pleasingly for me. Once I had the script together I knew I wanted to keep this one low-key, absolute minimal crew for the simple reason that I just wanted to get back into the swing of things without involving a lot of people on something I felt was more of a personal thing. It was also a way to revisit a previous style of filmmaking, a quick “pick up the camera and shoot” style which I have used on many a short film in the past. I even wrote it with a friend of mine in mind to play the one and only character in the film. He’s not an actor. We went to college together, we lived together, we made short films together and this was a way to have a bit of a laugh again after many years of not having the opportunity. It even acts as a pseudo-sequel to an earlier short film, The Invasion of the Horror Monsters from Beyond! However, with all of that in mind, the film still offers the same principals of filmmaking I want from all of my films… a sense of scale. They always feel bigger than they really are. This version you see above is due to be edited a little further and some shots are set to be replaced due to poor quality. Hopefully, you won’t notice for now…


LEON KEYS as Jim Jackson

Leon steps into his actors shoes once more, the first time since 2007’s The Invasion of the Horror Monsters from Beyond.


DAVID FRANKLIN – Writer/Director, Editor & Visual FX

It’s been quite a while since David’s last short narrative film (Happy Hour), and The Very Big Problem sees a return to very short filmmaking.

ALEX DE CASTRO – Co-Producer

Alex is an award-winning Producer who has helped create a number of David’s short films and their partnership continues with ‘The Very Big Problem’.