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HAPPY HOUR is a Liverpudlian black comedy. It’s story centers on a young man who awakes to discover he has accidentally brought about world peace… bringing about apocalyptic consequences! Climbing out of bed one morning, Charlie (failing to win his fight against a particularly harsh hangover) stumbles his way outside only to discover a huge crowd gathered about his apartment building. Unwilling to even bother trying to make his way through the crowd, Charlie darts into a local bar to cure his hangover with more booze! There he meets Harvey, a local barfly who has some important and world-ending news for Charlie. As Charlie, Harvey and the landlady of the bar try to solve the problem of reversing world peace, the skies outside begin to grow dark…


Happy Hour is a dramatic comedy with lashings of fantasy! It was designed as a small film due to our non-existent budget (about £200!), our characters witnessing world ending events from the comfortable confines of a small Liverpool pub. It is the culmination of a number of years trying to find a story I really wanted to tell. Religious as I am not, it is certainly a subject that has fascinated me and yet never touched upon. One day I stood, bemused and yet utterly absorbed by a soap-box preacher, stood upon a tiny plastic chair in Liverpool city center, megaphone to his lips calling for judgement day to teach the sinning consumerists a lesson. His words straight seemingly coming from biblical days, of plagues and wrath and vengeance. Interesting subject, thought I. On top of everything else, I have a terrible fascination with end-of-the-world scenarios and really wanted to do something spectacular… and so I considered that perhaps I could tell the story of the ‘real’ judgement day. And so the seeds of the project were born.

I had a great time making Happy Hour, with a wonderful and dedicated cast and crew. Everyone pitched in and helped wherever and whenever they could and I owe a lot to everyone involved in the project. I’m pretty happy with the way the film has turned out and really hope to have the work seen and hopefully appreciated by a audience greater than that I can fit in my living room!



James Watts has featured in the television series Dream Team on Sky One as well as a number of feature films and a Nike advertising campaign. He has also frequented the stage in a number of theatre productions over recent years. James gives a fantastic and compelling performance as Charlie in Happy Hour.

Peter Casey has taught Drama in Liverpool schools for 35 years. He is a teacher, actor, writer and director of a number of stage productions and one-man shows under the title of Blindseer Productions. Writers David Hering & Richard Hughes wrote the part of Harvey for Peter having taught them drama at secondary school.
CHRIS KERRY as The Landlady

Chris Kerry had 20 years of stage acting experience before trying her hand at screen acting. Now a retired Sales & Marketing manager, Chris enjoys acting in her spare time and has won parts in a number of short films and television series Hollyoaks.

David Franklin is a degree graduate and has been making short films for over 15 years with theatre screenings held in cinemas across the UK, the US and in Cannes. He worked on Happy Hour as originator of the story, director, editor and visual FX animator.
RICHARD HUGHES – Producer / Co-writer

As one of the founding members of BOSSfilm, a collective of Liverpool-based filmmakers established in 2004, Richard has written and produced several short film including ‘Holmewood’, ‘When I get Low’ and ‘The Art Set’.
DAVID HERING – Co-writer

David has co-written with Richard Hughes on a number of BOSSfilm productions including ‘Holmewood’ and ‘The Art Set’. David is currently studying for his PhD in Post-Modern American Literature and has recently completed his first novel.
JONATHAN HALL – Cinematographer

Jonathan is first and foremost a filmmaker in his own right, directing all of BOSSfilms previous productions including ‘Holmewood’. His eye for composition made him David Franklin’s only choice as cinematographer for ‘Happy Hour’.
DANIEL O’TOOLE – Music Composer

Dan teaches technical filmmaking at the North Liverpool Academy and composes music in his spare time. His score for ‘Happy Hour’ is his first collaboration of this kind, having previously only scored to his own short films.

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