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A short mockumentary following the plans by video artist Shelby Winke for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year 2008.


‘Gazing Back’ is a mockumentary fronted by ‘local filmmaker’ Del Rivo, interviewing American video artist Shelby Winke about his work for Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year. This film is the second of three short films following the character of Shelby Winke, created and immortalized by David Hering. The first short film, titled ‘Mersey Gaze’ was a very popular short film on it’s circuit run in 2004. When I first saw it I ran out of breath from laughing! You can check it out right here… It’s creators Richard Hughes and David Hering came to me with an idea to revisit the character for a short film to play theatrically as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year in 2008. Devised as a simple news magazine piece, the great work is in the characters themselves. David Hering and Richard Hughes embody the characters they portray, making my life as Co-Director a breeze. Co-Director? Well, the structure and the narrative arc and the general direction for the film to take was devised by Richard Hughes. I acted as on-set Director, realizing the vision and drawing from my own experiences on how best to proceed, whilst peppering the film with my own comedic moments. I tried to bring a feel of amateurism to the camera placement and operation and the edit itself, whilst trying to accentuate certain comedic moments. The finished film went down a storm when played locally and featured as one of the Top 10 short films of the year at FACT cinema’s Liverpool Film Night in 2008. It was followed up in 2011 with the final and equally funny installment ‘The Digital Gaze’ by filmmaker Jonathan Hall. You can find a promo for this film here, but you may catch the whole affair at a festival in 2013.


RICHARD HUGHES as DEL RIVO (and Co-Writer/Director)
DAVID FRANKLIN – Co-Director, Camera Operator & Editor